We are proud to become one of the owners of (+)JDH KARU MANSO 800
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We also have some outstanding Sexed Embryos that you can not find anywhere else. (+)JDH KARU MANSO 800 X Miss V8 669/6, as we well know Karu needs no introduction and stellar pedigree of Karu is one for the times. Miss V8 669/6 who is Daughter of the Great + MR. V8 901/4 x +MISS V8 907/5 a MR. V8 777/ 4 daughter. Miss V8 669/6 is also a full sister to Dubina Rose donor cow Miss V8 458/6 and V8’s donor Miss V8 663/6 who is a the dam of Miss V8 351/7 who is a leading donor for Double A Ranch and Land this mating will be the exact genetic make up of Miss V8 351/7.

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